How to get a remote job in Ireland

As a not for profit focused on community development, Grow Remote is on a mission to help you live and participate locally through remote work. To make that happen, we have brought everything you need to find a remote job together in a short online course.

Where to find remote work?

There are 55,000 salaried, pensionable roles open remotely in Ireland today. This course lays the foundation to get access to the companies who will employ you regardless of your location. It will also give you access to local chapters across the country who will be happy to welcome you as a remote work job seeker and help you on your journey. Grow Remote chapters are groups of local leaders who want to help their communities embrace remote working and connect with others.

Course Modules

This mini-course is to help people in finding and applying for remote work - full time, pensionable jobs that enable you to work from anywhere.

What is Remote Work?

Finding Remote Jobs

Map Your Transferrable Skills

Write Your Cover Letter

Interview Process

Set up for Success

What's included?

There are 8 modules to complete over 4 weeks - by completing 2 modules each week you will stay on track. You are welcome to blast through them at a faster rate however. Each module is bite-sized to make them fun, manageable and practical. We have already had 500 + happy students!









Need more help?

This course will also give you access to additional resources such as:

Jobs Board

The Grow Remote jobs board is a great place to find hundreds of remote jobs from employers hiring across Ireland today, regardless of location.

Ask Me Anything Sessions

We have regular live events where you can ask experts and experienced remote workers questions directly.

Community Support

Connect with other remote workers offline in one of the local Grow Remote chapters near you or online through one of our channels.

Major companies in Ireland support remote work today.
Are you ready?

Through the Remote Alliance these companies have committed to making remote working a long-term fixture across their respective businesses. Many more will follow. This course will help you prepare for the future of work.

Start your remote work journey!

We charge for this course so that we can earn revenue to make more useful products for the community. If you can't pay, emails us at [email protected] or on any social channel and we'll give you a code to make it free, no questions asked.