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Over three modules, you will look at the following topics to help you become a Remote Advocate:

  1. Introduction to Grow Remote & Community
  2. Introduction to remote work
  3. Summary and examples of change making

Who is the course for?

This self-paced course is open to any individual – anywhere in the world – who would like to learn about remote work so that they can make a positive, lasting change in their local community. It doesn’t matter how much time you have to spare or how long you’ve been working remotely, we believe Remote Advocates can contribute their own unique skills and talents toward Grow Remote’s mission to make remote employment local.

What we'll cover

This is a brief introduction of who is Grow Remote and what is our mission. We’ll talk about the role of the Remote Work Advocate and a brief introduction to our community. 

In Grow Remote, we focus on locationless employment. That’s employment without location, meaning you can work from anywhere! We’ll discuss what is remote work, which companies are hiring remotely and where to find them. 

We will outline the initiatives in the following sections.  For some communities, they might mostly run one type of event, and for others, a mix will make the most sense.  These are suggestions and guidelines for what your community could do.

Are You Ready To Start?

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